hmm... slack you must.

The Slacker's Oath

Raise your right arm halfway and repeat after me...

"On my honor,I will do no work. I will discuss Star Wars and other unrelated topics all day. Slacking is my duty, to Yoda and country. I will slack at all times, either at my desk or away... I will know everything there is to know about Star Wars and when I think I can't possibly learn anymore, I will stumble across an R2-D2 = C3PO (proof inside) thread which will open up a new realm of slackdom. I will slack so hard that I will slack at slacking. The slack will always be strong with me.

So help me Yoda.

May The Slack Be With You..."

The post that started it all...

Star Wars May Cost Me My Job
C Creepio - 5/28/99 8:39AM

Seriously, I'm on this forum so much at work that I think I brought down the whole network. My future employment at this company is in serious jeopardy but I just can't stop. I can't imagine life without Star Wars.

God, help me.

Anyone else having this problem? I need a friend.

new - the opposite of old...

This will be the space to check out for any new updates to the web site or information relevant to us slackers

UPDATES!!! 10/29/2002 (Over 153 months of successful slacking since the last update!)

What's new:

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Keep slacking to the max...
(or should that be the min...?)


Let's have one more and then we'll head back to work...

Creepio and gundark on a lunch break...

Please send suggestions, comments, pictures, jokes , job offers, Death Star plans,cries for help, or anything you bloody well want to...


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