The Slacker's Scrapbook
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The dapper one
so many cigarettes, so little time...


Grand Master slacker
I will make it illegal...

C. Creepio(left) with his attorney
(our leader in the ways of the slack)

Now known as House Dude
it's not easy looking this good...

The poster formally know as Hacienda51
(slacking with some considerable style)

Hac's Halloween pics...

What can I say? :)
This picture looks vaguely familiar...


Where is she now?
many Admins died to bring us this information...

Jedi Knight TarynS
(Mon Slackma)

I'm so happy!!
slacking with a smile

(slacking with a smile)

Fucking fucks...
Play that funky music Darth Cornholio

SandFarmer IV
(or one of his various incarnations)

Did I tell you I'm a bass player?
...Just taking it easy


Slack life line has been severed at work, help!
slacking at the mic...

Lieutenant Piett
(I used to be a General you know...)

mmmmmmmmmm......... :)
I'd rather be a Rutian...

Twi'lek Babe
(Night slacker extraordinaire!)
Twi'lek Babe's Halloween pic...

I'm still around.
Look to the right, waaay at the bottom... yup, that's her!

Lady of Alderaan

Look deep into my eyes...
Slacking in my dorm...

Grand Slacker Jerjerrod

Call it 'artistic license'
Ya, so I like the green tinted
Rice Krispies guys look.


Take a number...
Here she is, the mistress of spanks,
vicious isn't she?

Ruin Kai V3

fuzzy :pimp
Pimpy's :hat representative
on earth...


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